In this class you will learn how to create a temple space for your home or office and have Sacred Geometry activated in your energy field. By using Sacred Geometry daily, you will increase the vibration in your physical space and increase your connection to spirit. *A pre-requisite for Healer's Academy*

The Life Activation

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Astral Travel

Learn the safest and most effective way to Astral Travel. In this class you will learn how to travel on the physical and spiritual plane. Through techniques taught from an authentic mystery school tradition, receive intimate spiritual teachings related to your personal path. *A pre-requisite for Healer's Academy*

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Learn about all the Mystery Schools that are on the planet. Six of the seven Mystery Schools are closed to the public, so please join for this rare opportunity. In this class you will experience the energy of each Mystery School and learn about their purpose to serve humanity in our spiritual progression. 

7 Mystery Schools 

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Online Sanctuary Meditation 

Meditation is not only for relaxation, decreasing stress and an increased ability to sleep. In this class you will learn an ancient technique to meet your Higher Self and begin to receive answers for life’s biggest questions. We will use a simple yet effective technique to access the higher dimensions to gain clarity and inner wisdom.

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An introductory class. You will experience a guided sanctuary meditation and experience the power that comes through with a special ritual ceremony held at the end of class. You will experience the energetic essence of the Modern Mystery School and hear more about the customs and traditions that assist seekers into a path of enlightenment.

Awaken Thyself

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Spiritual Intuition

Are you curious to learn how to become more psychic? In this class we will learn about each or our spiritual senses and how to activate them. You will learn effective techniques to sharpen and control your spiritual senses for enhanced psychic ability.

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